[SideM] Pirate’s treasure ~Immortal Pirate Ship~ English Translation


It took me about a month of losing focus constantly, but I finally finished! The event story is available to read here.

I’ve gotten used to translating Legenders and their quirks, but this was my first time translating Shinsoku Ikkon. They aren’t terribly difficult – they came quite naturally even.

I love ghosts, and I love Legenders. It’s a perfect combination, and they gave us an event with not only both of those, but ghost pirates… I’ll never be thankful enough.
Shinsoku on the other hand got the roles of hot-blooded treasure hunting pirates, and it also feels like a perfect fit for them. I liked Shinsoku before because I absolutely love their music, and what I’ve seen and read around. After properly reading and working on one of their events, I really do appreciate them and their bond much more now. Just seeing them feels like they could recharge all your energy? I’ll have to pay more attention to them from now on too.

Anyway, please enjoy!

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