[SideM] BRAND NEW ME! ~Encounter with a Brand New Me~


Another post a bit late, but the translation for BRAND NEW ME is done and can be read here.

Since this was Chris’ first rank in a long time, I was excited for him to be in the spotlight again!!! I set up the whole outline for the translation when the event was announced! And then I took 3 weeks to actually finish it! (<-due to poor attention issues). I actually finished Legenders’ half in the first week(? or so) and then it took me another 2 to finally sit down and focus on FRAME’s… my bad.

This was a nice event for unit mates bonding and getting a new look, but I am a bit disappointed regarding Chris Content… In an event about appearances where Chris is the rank card even, I expected at least a little more story depth since his development so far heavily leans on his confidence regarding his appearance. It was nice to see both Chris and Seiji feeling so renewed in their confidence though. And Ryu cute as always.

Please give Chris a fishy rank next time!!! Give us that sweet #Chris #Koron #Content !!!! I want to learn more about fish via idols!!!!!!!!!

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