[DanKira!!!] Heartbeat Blast Lyrics Translation

Heartbeat Blast

Vocals: Takakuwa Masanobu
Lyrics: Otonashi Shinya
Composer: Yamaue Tomoya
Arrangement: Sasaki Sosaku


Original Japanese Lyrics (from the official website)

囁きが包み込む 心のひだが揺れる
そっと 指が触れる 甘さに痺れる
ああ 見透かされている

雨宿りで アイリッシュ・コーヒー
大人ぶる だけの 遊び だったのに
あの瞬間(とき)から 抗えない
魅惑の刺激に 嵌(はま)っていく

Steal my Heart
あなたの声を聞いていたい この激情で胸が痛い
抑えきれない Heartbeat Blast
絡み合う言葉と視線 求め合う吐息と指で
二人どこまで行けるの あなたどこかに消えるの


English Translation

Enveloped in whispers, the depths of my heart tremble
Our fingers touch softly and I’m mesmerized by the sweetness
Ah, you can see right through me

We took shelter from the rain with an Irish coffee
Our maturity was only supposed to be a game of pretend
Ever since then, I couldn’t resist it
I was addicted to the thrill

Steal My Heart
I want to hear your voice – this passion pains my heart
I can’t hold back this Heartbeat Blast
Intertwining words and gazes, searching sighs and fingers
How far can we go? Will you disappear away somewhere?



I finished this translation about a month ago. The subtitled video can watched here!

There really isn’t much to say about this event. It’s mostly Aoi bros being Aoi bros. And Shiro being cute! I think I had the most fun translating him in this event.

Since this event was voted to voiced, I thought there must be a reason for it to be so popular. The outfits would suggest something interesting too! But there wasn’t really any content at all. I still thought it was a cute event though, so I didn’t go out of my way to translate something I thought was bad or anything. I actually quite like both W and mofumofuen, so I want to share their stories too. I don’t remember if there is going to be a Theater 315 for this event, but I kinda want to see more with this concept someday.

[SideM] BRAND NEW ME! ~Encounter with a Brand New Me~


Another post a bit late, but the translation for BRAND NEW ME is done and can be read here.

Since this was Chris’ first rank in a long time, I was excited for him to be in the spotlight again!!! I set up the whole outline for the translation when the event was announced! And then I took 3 weeks to actually finish it! (<-due to poor attention issues). I actually finished Legenders’ half in the first week(? or so) and then it took me another 2 to finally sit down and focus on FRAME’s… my bad.

This was a nice event for unit mates bonding and getting a new look, but I am a bit disappointed regarding Chris Content… In an event about appearances where Chris is the rank card even, I expected at least a little more story depth since his development so far heavily leans on his confidence regarding his appearance. It was nice to see both Chris and Seiji feeling so renewed in their confidence though. And Ryu cute as always.

Please give Chris a fishy rank next time!!! Give us that sweet #Chris #Koron #Content !!!! I want to learn more about fish via idols!!!!!!!!!

[SideM] Dramatic Star☆Sentai DraStars -Fierce Battle! Double Devils-


I actually translated this event a couple months ago, but I only just now finished up translating W’s card lines, so I thought that maybe I should write about it.
The event is available to read here.

I saw that no one had translated this event yet, so I was excited to be able to work on it. I could feel Teru’s love for heroes so deeply in my soul!!!!!! Me too Teru!!!!!!!!

I mentioned it before, but I wonder if the timing of this event was intentional? It’s a sentai themed event that started on February 22, 2016. That’s around the time frame that a new sentai season starts, as well as 2016 being Super Hero Year!
I know it has to be a coincidence, but I also enjoy how DraStars are animal themed just like that year’s sentai, Zyuohger.

I couldn’t help myself but to slip very toku influenced translations in this event, but I did make sure it made sense when I did and didn’t actually change any of the meanings.

The only translation choice I feel like I should explain a bit more on is the DraStar introductions. The original is “__ドラスター、参上!” Which is basically, “__ DraStar has arrived!”.  参上 is pretty common, and since the Double Devils also introduce themselves with it, I thought I should find another approach to the DraStars’.
Naturally, it should still mean that they have arrived, or shown up, etc.. My train of thought back then is lost on me now, but I came to the conclusion that it should be based on “rising stars”. Rising as star idols, but also a light dawning on the darkness (evil). And so, “Risen!” Maybe there’s a better choice I could have ended up with, but I think this works nicely.

Well, it’s a very fun event! There’s not much to say about it since it’s so short, but it does give us some more fun stuff for both Dramatic Stars and W.
I’m looking forward to the Theater 315 whenever it comes out!! We’ll finally get our full blown DraStars sentai!!!!!!!!!!

[SideM] Pirate’s treasure ~Immortal Pirate Ship~ English Translation


It took me about a month of losing focus constantly, but I finally finished! The event story is available to read here.

I’ve gotten used to translating Legenders and their quirks, but this was my first time translating Shinsoku Ikkon. They aren’t terribly difficult – they came quite naturally even.

I love ghosts, and I love Legenders. It’s a perfect combination, and they gave us an event with not only both of those, but ghost pirates… I’ll never be thankful enough.
Shinsoku on the other hand got the roles of hot-blooded treasure hunting pirates, and it also feels like a perfect fit for them. I liked Shinsoku before because I absolutely love their music, and what I’ve seen and read around. After properly reading and working on one of their events, I really do appreciate them and their bond much more now. Just seeing them feels like they could recharge all your energy? I’ll have to pay more attention to them from now on too.

Anyway, please enjoy!