[DanKira!!!] Heartbeat Blast Lyrics Translation

Heartbeat Blast

Vocals: Takakuwa Masanobu
Lyrics: Otonashi Shinya
Composer: Yamaue Tomoya
Arrangement: Sasaki Sosaku


Original Japanese Lyrics (from the official website)

囁きが包み込む 心のひだが揺れる
そっと 指が触れる 甘さに痺れる
ああ 見透かされている

雨宿りで アイリッシュ・コーヒー
大人ぶる だけの 遊び だったのに
あの瞬間(とき)から 抗えない
魅惑の刺激に 嵌(はま)っていく

Steal my Heart
あなたの声を聞いていたい この激情で胸が痛い
抑えきれない Heartbeat Blast
絡み合う言葉と視線 求め合う吐息と指で
二人どこまで行けるの あなたどこかに消えるの


English Translation

Enveloped in whispers, the depths of my heart tremble
Our fingers touch softly and I’m mesmerized by the sweetness
Ah, you can see right through me

We took shelter from the rain with an Irish coffee
Our maturity was only supposed to be a game of pretend
Ever since then, I couldn’t resist it
I was addicted to the thrill

Steal My Heart
I want to hear your voice – this passion pains my heart
I can’t hold back this Heartbeat Blast
Intertwining words and gazes, searching sighs and fingers
How far can we go? Will you disappear away somewhere?